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The author passed away: summer 1997.

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Many Migwetches to Jonathan, who prefers that his last name not be used. This person, who is of Grand Portage Ojibwe heritage, had lost touch with his ancestral origins. He found some relevant info on this site, about Grand Portage and other Minnesota Ojibwe tribes and history that helped him and his kids get in touch with their Indian roots. He saw the problems I'd been having since the fire with hardware to replace not covered by insurance. So this man donated a 32 meg SIMM!!!! (computer memory).

That's a really helpful kind of giveaway, an Indian tradition. As an individual, I cannot receive any funding. So I support this site (and the book reviews site) as best I can personally. Usually the only real heavy expense is phone. But losing a lot of equipment and software that has to be replaced is very hard. Help like this is really appreciated. It is so unusual I hardly know what to say except migwetch in every language, of which "Pidamaya!" "Thank-you!", "Merci beaucoup!" and "Dankeshoen" exhausts my linguistic knowledge.

I was very happy to learn that materials gathered here -- either created locally or linked-to -- can help people to learn about their lost tribal heritage, and to find tribal contacts. Often I wonder if it is really of any use to anybody.

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