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Recent large increases in the amount of traffic to this website has caused the cost of keeping this site online to double again. Please help support this site with your contributions and book purchases.

When I made the decision to take on the support of this website, I had no knowledge of the amount of traffic the site received. Within 2 months after the site was moved to my server, my ISP became distressed about the number of hits that the server was receiving. I was required to upgrade the server with a resulting considerably greater monthly cost. I also knew that the site had not been maintained at all since Paula's death. Regular checking of the site logs (so large that I must delete them daily!) has allowed me to repair many of the broken links that were internal to the site. However the enormous job of fixing all of the broken links to other sites remains to be carried out.

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I am committed to keeping the site available and happily volunteer my time to try to fix the broken links and to supply information updates where possible. However, there remains a considerable out of pocket expense for me to supply the server and the Internet connectivity. At the moment, this is coming directly out of my retirement checks. Therefore I am taking advantage of this opportunity to "pass the hat" to those who enjoy and make use of this website. is now providing a method to allow people to make contributions to support websites that they visit, without having to directly deal with the technology and costs of electronic transactions themselves. If you already have an account, then it is extremely simple for you to make a small contribution. If not, it is almost as simple to open an account that will allow you to make such contributions and to buy books, movies, software, and more. These transactions are all secure and private. I will not know the names of those who contribute to support this website, but I thank you all for your support. If you would like to make a small contribution toward the continued operation and availability of this website, please click the button above and you will find the process very simple. The suggested contribution is only $1.00. The maximum contribution that can be made in this way is $50.00.

I have also added the possibility of making a contribution through PayPal. With Paypal you can use any credit card, Visa, MasterCard, Discover ot American Express to make your donation.

Additional ways to help

If you have or know of a link to this site, please help to get all of these links updated. The new URL for this website is:

If you know the correct URL for a broken link on the site, please use this contact form to report the correction.

Feb. 2001