Paula's Website Lives!

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Long ago on the timescale of the World Wide Web, back in 1994, I offered Paula Giese space on my server at the University of Massachusetts on which to develop her website. Before long it was attracting so many visitors that it was having a strong impact on my poor old workstation, which also had to serve as a data reduction computer. I was forced to ask her to seek another place from which to serve her rapidly expanding website. She found that place at Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College. However, we still kept in regular contact, comparing notes on educational and new age websites. There would be long periods of silence interspersed by rapid fire and heated exchanges. Paula's death came as a shock to many of us and we wondered about the fate of her website, which had found a very large audience.

A decision was made by Paula's family to keep her website online, unchanged, as a memorial to Paula. Fond de Lac Tribal and Community College made available the server on which her site resided as a "permanent" home for her material. But, as all things do, the server aged and became more unreliable. The site was often offline for short periods. It became a serious problem to maintain. When a new home was sought for Paula's website, I was approached. My situation has also changed since 1994. Almost 2 years ago I retired from the university and moved across the country. In my retirement, I do a small amount of commercial web design work in order to support keeping my websites online and no longer try to maintain the hardware myself, placing my websites on a server in a large server farm. As it happens, I had just acquired a second server and had some disk space and cycles to spare, so I gladly said yes to the query about hosting Paula's website.

I think my server situation is stable now. However, it has been 3 years since any change has been made in Paula's website. It is inevitable that many of the links are broken. Certainly all of the links to my websites were! In order to make these pages even minimally functional, I needed to update all of the internal links so that they no longer referred to the Fond du Lac server. I also tried to fix most of the links to my websites. It will take a much longer time to try to make repairs on all of the other links that have frayed over the past 3 years. This will take place over the next 6 months to a year as time is found to devote to the site, section by section. There is also a major section (Canada) entirely missing. I don't know whether anything can be recovered of this material.

But the site is now back online. If you have or know of a link to this site, please help to get all of these links updated. The new URL for this website is: Also please note, any email addresses that remain in these pages are no longer valid.

Karen M. Strom
Sept. 2000