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Date: Mon, 10 Jul 1995 11:55:52 -0700
To: Paula Giese <

From: (Prison Activist Resource Center)
Subject: Re: Political prisoners list

Got your message:

"Why isn't Leonard Peltier on your list? Was he suddenly released since yesterday?"

Strange. He is on it. Somehow in the translation from Filemaker to text to html, his name and address got lost. Thanks for catching this error. I will correct it ASAP.

"I see Norma Jean Croy is still in. Can she receive mail at that prison address?"

Yes. as far as I know. Also the Norma Jean Croy Defense Committee is at: Pier 5, San Francisco CA 94111, (415) 986-5591 in case you wanted that.

"I also somehow 'recognized' the name of George Still Day on that list. Do you have any info about him that might jog my memory?"

Should have that soon. See below.

"Political prisoner lists would be a great deal more useful if you had info on the background of each person. If they have a defense committee, give address. Leonard's committee recently got a website in DC, but I don't have its address handy.

Yes, well if you look more carefully at the beginning of the list, it explains exactly how this works: that gradually, as time permits, we will be adding links to each person, showing either the background on their case, a statement from them, an alert about what you can do, who to contact and a photo, or any mix of the above elements. at the moment, as i just began builing this page a few weeks ago, the only one's w/ links to such info are Mumia Abu-jamal and Shaka Shakur. Hopefully before too long, we'll have lots more linked up.

Thanks for your message.

Towards justice,


ps. would appreciate the URL for the website for leonard's DC committee's website, whenever you have it. thanks a ton.

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[pg note: Of course I sent him the address of Peltier's defense committee page--and the one when the address changed--and told him to point to my Peltier page for it, as well as more info. I've also written regular mail to Norma Jean, who has been a political prisoner longer than Peltier. My pages have only been up a few weeks too, but I can't wait for these people to get on Norma Jean's case. She has been forgotten for 20 years! I am starting a Norma Jean page with the info I have now, and what I get from her.]

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