Arvol Looking Horse:

Keeper of Original
Lakota Sacred Pipe

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Purposes of Arvol's section -- permanent Native history study materials, as well as ceremony background; updates
World Peace Prayer Ceremony June 21, 1996 -- at sacred sites world-wide; & "Devil's Tower," Wyoming
How to get to the Devil's Tower ceremony site -- Maps and site info; Planning Updates as received
Arvol: What's Been Done So Far ... and Why World indigenous spiritual leaders, Canadian Native leaders and elders support June 21 ceremony
Miracle, the White Buffalo Calf -- born in August, 1994, fulfillment of prophecies? Sign?
Ptesanwin: White Buffalo Calf Woman's Story -- as told by Lakota elder Joseph Chasing Horse, 1994
Pipe Story as told by John Fire Lame Deer, 1967. Lame Deer's version is gives some different details, but is the same.
How Arvol Started on His Path --The Bigfoot Riders and the First Bigfoot Memorial Ride video
Lakota Star Knowledge -- sacred constellations mirrored in Black Hills ceremonies -- why this ceremony is to be held when and where Arvol announced; also stone Medicine Wheels, 2200 year-old origin of Sun Dance instructions in Alberta, Canada (long section, Native-centered science)

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Text and graphics copyright Paula Giese, 1995, 1996. Photo of Arvol and one of the Bigfoot Riders' horses by Dan Budnik, from The Book of the Elders, Sandy Johnson, Harper SanFrancisco. c. 1994.

I drew the plain little graphic of the white buffalo last summer. It was recently "honored" by theft and plagiarized by some character calling himself Duster, whose website is supposedly "Cool Stuff for Native Americans." We don't think it's cool, Duster, we've been through this thefts business with you waschichu for centuries. While stealing my graphic, Duster steals the rest of his white buffalo content materials-- that and football are what his page features -- from other websites. I had been thinking of finding a real artist to draw a better buffalo for these redesigned pages, but decided to keep this little stolen image for a while, as a kind of reminder about, oh, stolen land , broken treaties and cool stuff like that.

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