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Symbolizing the forced division of the Tsalagi (Cherokee) people -- the majority were rounded up by the U.S. Army, imprisoned in concentration camps, then herded to Oklahoma on the death march known as the Trail of Tears, 1838-39. About 1000 hid out and eventually gained the small Eastern Band Qualla Boundary reservation in North Carolina.

Cherokee History -- by Lee Sultzman, all text, lists treaties, etc. First page carries through to 1768; 2nd page covers the post-revolutionary U.S. diminution of the lands and the Removals; after 1838, focus is on Oklahoma
Cherokee History Page -- by Ken Martin (member of Western Band, Cherokee Nation). Starts with mythic origins, has page of history references and other Cherokee site links.
Cherokee Timeline -- [No longer online.]
Cherokee Observer -- Well-known newspaper; subscription info and many current and back-issue news and feature stories, mostly concerning Western (OK) Cherokees.
Soft Cherokee Winds -- [No longer online.]
Cherokee Nation -- Official site of the Western (Oklahoma) Cherokee Nation
Eastern Band Cherokee Official site of the Eastern Cherokee Nation
United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee IndiansTribal government, some history, and an analysis of traditional roles of Cherokee women. No one is listed as maintaining the pages; infrequently updated.
Downloadable Cherokee Languange Learning Aids for Windows
Cherokee syllabary fonts for PC's, Macs, OS/2. Interesting story of how electrical engineering student Joe LoCicero came to make the fonts. BIG table file displaying all syllables with pronunciation guide, mapped onto the fonts for keyboard use. Keyboard keys to evoke syllables. Excellent Cherokee language printing resource.

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CREDITS: Divided Tsalagi people was a map symbol for a 1976 Awkesasne Notes poster, Indian Americas. I computer-traced it and colored it as a large 1993 poster for AIM's 25th reunion powwow.

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